4th Trimester

Classes for Expectant Parents

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As doulas we know the value of -=-=-=.  We offer group classes and private mini classes for -=-conscious, expectant parents.  You will learn tools necessary to nourish yourself,  your partnership, and your baby. We will help you create a strong and sustainable foundation to welcome your little one(s).  We will help you create a personalized postpartum plan to give you the confidence needed to thrive in these early weeks.

Together we will dive deep into life at home with a newborn.   You will learn how to attune to your baby's needs and decipher what they are communicating to you.  We will cover what normal newborn behavior looks like,  as well as tricks of the trade that O'Nell and Jackie have developed over the years - the best ways to handle fussy evenings, stubborn burps,  and diaper explosion nightmares!

Parents will learn the breast/chestfeeding basics to get the mother-baby dyad off to the best start possible.  Interactive instruction, videos,  and wisdom from experienced doulas will be practical. 

Overwhelmed with what baby gear to buy?  Do you have friends or family saying "you must have this" or "you must have that"?  Let O'Nell and Jackie help you sort through what baby items on the market are worth your investment, which ones are a waste of money, and which ones you just can't live without! 

How can we support your growing family?

** If you are low income, please email us at BirthRealm@gmail.com we have scholarship opportunities available.**


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