4th Trimester Group Classes

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Pom Center, San Anselmo

Class One: Newborn Care - infant awareness, communication & behavior, bathing, swaddling, soothing techniques, crying, developmental play & bonding, finding your parenting style, sleep rhythms, baby-wearing basics, & diapering options.

Class Two: Self care, Relationship care, & Breastfeeding - Support team planning, care for your recovering body, communication skills, intimacy & sexuality, understanding partner's needs, postpartum mood disorders. breastfeeding/chestfeeding, bottle-feeding & formulas, pumps & pumping.

Donna Brown

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Jeremy Martinez

“The Early Weeks class was a lifesaver for us. It had good inclusion as it spoke to couples and not just moms (who are important of course), but as a partner, some courses have left out how I can contribute, help, and understand as a team.”

Judith Riccardo

“We’ve been taking a lot of classes this pregnancy and this class was by far the most practical and helpful.”

John Jones

“My husband and I thought the class was VERY helpful in making us feel more comfortable about this journey”