Jacqueline Davey is a Certified Postpartum Doula, with well over a decade of experience working with babies.  She extends herself with open hands and an open heart, to help you navigate through this amazing time. Jackie works with all families and their unique desires for a positive early parenting experience.

"If you are a new mother, or about to become one, has anyone told you that much parenting is learned behavior and not-- as we have been led to believe- all instinct and mother wit?"
– Sally Plaskin

Jackie recognizes the importance of parents finding their own style of raising their child, so, while we are educated and up to date on the latest research in birthing and parenting models, we encourage you to find what works for your family and to speak your own truth.

Be CONFIDENT   allow me to help you understand what your baby is communicating to you

Be NURTURED  allow me to prepare you a warm healthy meal or draw you a bath

Be RESTED  allow me to hold your baby while you catch up on some sleep

Be SUPPORTED  allow me to put that pillow under your arm while you feed your baby

Be HEARD allow me to listen with an open heart and no judgment while you talk about your daily struggles

Be CELEBRATED  allow me to put a hand on your shoulder and remind you of what an amazing job you are doing!

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