A breastfeeding consult is scheduled for the length of at  least one feeding cycle.  We can work together to trouble shoot any of the normal bumps along the road that many woman experience from latch, positioning, posture support, low supply, and engorgement.  I have multiple trainings  in the feild and many years of experience working with nursing woman to help them through these challenging spots.  I can also make referrals  for you to see a board certified lactation consultant when it's an appropriate time to do so and/or assist in implementing the plan and instructions you have and your IBCLC have come up with. 

Breastfeeding consults can be scheduled anywhere from 1 - 4 hours, ideally for one whole feeding cycle.



Sleep!  It's the subject all parents talk about once that cute little bundle arrives home. From birth to six months, your baby is going to be growing and changing at a remarkable pace. At any stage along the way, I can be of service to help you understand what your baby's needs are for sleep for their age, and, suggestions for healthy habits to implement considering the needs of your family.

I will provide resources for to stay educated along the way about their ever changing needs, and of course I am available my email or phone.






Going somewhere with your little one?

Call Jackie to discuss your travel needs.  Be it for business or pleasure Jackie is available for both national or international travel, and can make the day to day with your newborn go smoothly and- believe it or not -stress free.