Personalized Early Parenthood Classes

Prepare for a Confident and Connected 4th Trimester

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We've got you covered!

Based on our 4th Trimester foundations like newborn care, self care, and relationship care, we'll customize a four to five hour class that is relevant to your family.  You'll get hands-on practice of newborn care with our baby dolls as well as access to the online presentations and resource lists we use in our group classes.  For in-home classes, we can give you feedback about nursery set-up or logistics based on your home, location and values.  O'Nell or Jackie will focus on the material that is most interesting to you and make sure all your questions get answered.

We also offer mini classes that are about two hours long.  

Twins or multiples, adoption or surrogacy, sibling prep, green nursery, nursery set up.

We can come to your home in the SF Bay Area or for an additional $50 fee, host you at Brigid's Well Center in Sebastopol.


Jackie Davey and O'Nell Starkey

We are postpartum doulas and mothers and together we have decades of experience supporting families in the transition into parenthood.  We believe in empowering parents to find thier unique parenting style.  We look forward to serving your family as you begin your adventure.  

I am a woman in a same sex marriage and my wife carried our baby. Navigating the world of pregnancy and parenthood as a same-sex couple can often feel alienating. When we hired O’Nell, we felt held in the highest regard. O’Nell treated me, as the non-birthing parent, with as much support, honor and respect as my wife. She treated me as an equal, guiding me gently into solidifying my role as a mother.
When we thought our baby was going to be delivered early, we felt completely unprepared. O’Nell came to the hospital and spent an entire day teaching us a private class about newborns. We ended up feeling completely empowered in an ultimately powerless situation because of O’Nell’s time, dedication and care.
Thank you so much for our baby care class. You brought great
resources and taught us the basics in a fun and thorough way. We
especially appreciate your sensitivity to us and our situation - very
adoption-friendly! You provided exactly what we hoped for.