The 4th Trimester

Prepare for a confident & connected Postpartum 


What Parents are saying:

The Early Weeks class was a lifesaver for us. It had good inclusion as it spoke to couples and not just moms (who are important of course), but as a partner, some courses have left out how I can contribute, help, and understand as a team.
I’d recommend this class because it was both informative and engaging. My husband said the three hours went by so fast! That means a lot because he can’t usually sit and listen for 3 hours. ;)
We’ve been taking a lot of classes this pregnancy and this class was by far the most practical and helpful.
My husband and I thought the class was VERY helpful in making us feel more comfortable about this journey


This comprehensive class is not to be missed!  In this class you will learn tools necessary to nourish yourself,  your partnership, and your baby. We will help you create a strong and sustainable foundation to welcome your little one(s).  Participants will leave this class with a personalized postpartum plan as well as community resources to give you the confidence needed to thrive in these early weeks.

Not your run- of- the- mill baby care class here!  Together we will dive deep into life at home with a newborn.   You will learn how to attune to your baby's needs and decipher what they are communicating to you.  We will cover what normal newborn behavior looks like,  as well as tricks of the trade that O'Nell and Jackie have developed over the years - the best ways to handle fussy evenings, stubborn burps,  and diaper explosion nightmares!

Parents will learn the breast/chestfeeding basics to get the mother-baby dyad off to the best start possible.  Interactive instruction, videos,  and wisdom from experienced doulas make this class practical and memorable. 

  Overwhelmed with what baby gear to buy?  Do you have friends or family saying "you must have this" or "you must have that"?  Let O'Nell and Jackie help you sort through what baby items on the market are worth your investment, which ones are a waste of money, and which ones you just can't live without! Here is your chance to play with some of this stuff and see what you want to add to your registry.

This two part class is intended for both parents to take together in their second or third trimester of pregnancy.    ** If you are low income, please email us at we have scholarship opportunities available.**

Class One: Newborn Care - infant awareness, communication & behavior, bathing, swaddling, soothing techniques, crying, developmental play & bonding, finding your parenting style, sleep rhythms, baby-wearing basics, & diapering options.

Class Two: Self care, Relationship care, & Breastfeeding - Support team planning, care for your recovering body, communication skills, intimacy & sexuality, understanding partner's needs, postpartum mood disorders. breastfeeding/chestfeeding, bottle-feeding & formulas, pumps & pumping.

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Doula Trainings International 

2018 Birth & Postpartum Doula Trainings 


Los Angeles:  May 17- 20, Nov 1-4

San Francisco: February 15-18, June 7-10,    September 20-23

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