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The Early Weeks

This is our wish for your family.  Designed by two postpartum doulas and mothers, our Early Weeks classes will help you create a strong and sustainable foundation to welcome your little one(s).  We'll share practical tools to nourish yourself,  your partnership, and your baby.  You will leave this class with a personalized postpartum plan as well as local community resources to give you the support needed to thrive in your fourth trimester.

Together we will dive deep into life at home with a newborn.  You will learn how to attune to your baby's needs and decipher what they are communicating to you.  We will cover what normal newborn behavior looks like,  as well as tricks of the trade that O'Nell and Jackie have developed over the years - the best ways to handle fussy evenings, stubborn burps, and diaper blowouts!

this is not your run-of-the-mill baby class!

Overwhelmed with what baby gear to buy?  Do you have friends or family saying "you must have this" or "you must have that"?  Let O'Nell and Jackie help you sort through what baby items on the market are a waste of money and which ones you just can't live without!  In this class, you can check out such products yourself and see what you want to invest in or add to your registry.

The 4th trimester is a potent time of growth and integration for each member of the family.  We will give you a realistic picture of what to expect and help you get the logistics set up so you can relax into the sweetness and magic of this transformational time.  

This class is intended for the birthing parent and partner to take together in their second or third trimester of pregnancy.  If you are not partnered, we encourage you to bring a person who will be supporting you in the postpartum time, or you may come alone - we will include resources and activities to support your solo/single parenting journey.  We encourage parents to take a separate breastfeeding and childbirth education class as we do not cover those topics in this class.    Cost $280 family

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The Minimalist Nursery

Whether you are passionate about waste-free living or just want to do your best to have a healthy natural environment for your new baby, we'll help you figure out a smart and safe set-up to welcome your baby into your home. With this three hours class in your home we'll give you lots of ideas on how to reduce your environmental impact so you can make educated decisions about raising your baby in an earth-friendly family.   

We'll cover safe baby products we've tried and love, diapering choices (including going diaper free!), safe sleep options, and all-natural remedies for common infant ailments.  Cost $250


Sleep Support

Many times I hear from families when they get to a point of pure exhaustion and realize what they have been doing up until now is either not working any more or not sustainabke in the long run for that individual family culture.   Yes bed sharing is biologically what is "normal" for human babies, yes the American association of pediatrics recommends babies sleeping in their own crib or bassinet on a safe sleep surface, yes it is true that many of our family cultures do not support long term bed-sharing with parents expected to go back to work weeks after giving birth etc., Yes babie's need long stretches of sleep for healthy brain development, and Yes it is normal for babis to want to nurse through out the night. So what's a parent to do with all this conflicting information and advice?!  Let me help you acess your family's needs, your parenting style, your babies developmental age, and temperment to make a plan together what sleeping arrangments and schedule would work best for your family to all thrive. You don't have to suffer in sleep deprivation and you don't have to be concerned that you will crush your you and your babies healthy bond by implementing new rythms.   Contact me today for a consulation and comprehensive suppport in making bedtime transitions.  Cost $198


Doula Trainings

Jackie Davey is a doula educator for Doula Trainings International. In person trainings are a fun, intimate, engaging  4 day workshop that set the tone for your birth career. This is followed by 9 months of mentorship and continued education. All trainings certify in both birth and postpartum and lead with a commitment to social justice, collaborative entrepreneurship, and business acumen and guess what, you're certified for life!   If you have a passion for birth or are already a birth worker looking to certify for life, contact Jackie for more information about DTI's trainings and let's get started on this path together.  visit