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“Communication leads to community… to understanding, intimacy, and mutual valuing” -Rollo May



two events, two counties

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October 18th

@ The Fern Bar

6780 Depot St Suite 120, Sebastopol, CA 95472

4:30 - 7:30pm


October 21st

@ The Hivery

38 Miller Ave #20, Mill Valley, CA 94941



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Community Requests & Offers


Help us start a non - profit - Sarah Glick

I want to shadow a postpartum doula - Julie Beeman 415 497 2598

Requesting more postpartum conversations - Danielle

List of all practitioners - Jeanie Wright

Add you to Mothering Arts Resource list on Website or visit group - Kerry Ingram

Requests support building resources & expanding their network - Daniella

Continue to meet , see and hear other in this work, see each others eyeballs - Ross Graham

Perinatal Mental Health Practicioner to discuss and possibly mentor - Naomi Bradfute

Request for money for the Community Care Project - Lauren & The Doula Care Collective

Requests for speakers at the Marin Doula Circles in 2010 - Patti Mills 415 850 3246

Speakers at future Sister Moon Series to show authentic

A place of support for all of us - Anonymous

Needs help with tech work for my Childbirth ED Classes - Susan Bradford

Request to meet with nursing staff at all local hospitals - Connie Sultana

Needs list of all birth doulas for Kaiser SF - Angela Pollock

Request map of community and what they offer - DeAnna Batdorff

Request for the shared language - DeAnna Batdorff

Request peer review meetings within the community - Aly Sidjakov & Amy Hearny


Collaborate in starting a monthly birth worker meeting - Robin 707 601 7615

Speak about life as a birth & postpartum doula MDC? - Robin 707 601 7615

Process the healing and integration work as a perninatal professional & process their own birth traumas - Brooke Radloff

Offering a free talk at the DCC 1st Tues in August - Jeanie Wright

Nature Healing for Perinatal professionals - Lara Sodergren & Kelly Gray

To be apart of building the bridge - Erica Bosque

Offer understanding & support to those who have terminated pregnancies- Stephanie Morgan MFT

Into 4 Class Series live online. on Embodies Womb & Birth Psychology - Karen Melton

Public Talk about Mayan Abdominal Massage DCC MDC? - Victoria Barrett

Offer free lactation support for certification - Rose Burns

In person support for client in need vis the Community Care Project - Lauren Dorion

Welcome to join our Listen & Connect -

Offering help with the foundation of a non - profit. Kelly Phipps 415 412 5104

Free 2 hours class regarding body changes from the physical therapy perspective - Marci Silverberg

Sweet Pea baby clinic for low income/challenged families in Santa Rosa, once monthly - Karen Melton

Offering space - DeAnna Batdorff

Lymphatic Care - DeAnna Batdorff

Host peer review meetings - Aly & Amy North Bay Birth Services