Interviewing your Doula

setting the stage.

First things first! If you have a partner or spouse, talk to them about the vision they have of this person you are inviting into your home (it’s ok if their vision looks different than yours). For instance some people have a peer in mind, others a maternal figure, some havn’t thought about it but sitting down and asking this question will get the wheels turning.

Next. Where will you be most comfortable meeting this person. It is custumary for doulas to come to your home for this initial visit but sometimes either party is more comfortable meeting at a nuetral place such as a coffee shop and some doulas even have an office to meet at. Have a place in mind where you would be most comfotable and able to get a good “feel” for this person.

Finally, Have a look through these questions and highlight the ones that stick out to you and are importnant to you and your family.