Daytime Doula Support

Postpartum doula services can be arranged to suit the needs of the individual family.  My role as your doula after birth is to ease the adjustment into parenthood, helping to make this important transition as peacefully and seamlessly as possible. I offer self care assistance- including meal preparation, herbal teas, foot rubs, light household chores, as well as running errands, all in an effort to help you rest and to restore after birth.  Postpartum doulas provide the opportunity for parents to bond with their new baby, without being overwhelmed doing everything all by themselves. Side by side, we work together to learn baby care, including soothing techniques, swaddling, bathing, nursery set up, and feeding.

Scheduling options are: Morning shift, Afternoon shift, or Full day. Contract length can vary from one week to several months depending on the needs of your family. Rates vary between $35 - $45 per hour depending on location and number of babies.

Postpartum Doula Care Includes:

  • bottle feeding support
  • light household chores
  • rest for new parents
  • baby wearing instruction
  • age appropriate healthy
    sleep habits
  • newborn care
  • soothing techniques
  • swaddling
  • bathing
  • nursery set up
  • breastfeeding support
“We were fortunate enough to find Jackie for postpartum doula services. She was friendly and knowledgeable and did a great job helping our family. There were a number of particular suggestions she offered that made a world of difference in our experience of the first several weeks. She was kind, understanding, and helpful, and we felt comfortable having her around the house assisting in various capacities. She prepared some delicious healthy meals, did laundry, and helped with our newborn. Most importantly, she helped me as a new mother with tips on breastfeeding, sleeping arrangements, and more. I would happily recommend her to anyone for postpartum doula support. Thank you, Jackie!”

— Genevieve B. Santa Monica, CA

“We were referred to Jackie when our son was three weeks old. At that time, we had been sleeping very little and were quite frazzled and were just hoping to have a night nurse watch our baby so we could get some sleep. With Jackie we received so much more. She is highly qualified, professional, knowledgeable and experienced doula, with great understanding of newborns and their needs and development. In addition, what is probably most important, Jackie is loving and kind - she simply adores our son and he adores her...”

— Ann Rosen Napa, CA

Overnight Doula Support

Infants need to eat every two to three hours, around the clock!  Nights can be the most challenging time for new parents.  They are exhausted and still need to take care of an infant who needs love, feeding, burping, diaper changes, and sometimes just to be held or rocked at all hours of the night.  This is where an overnight doula can really come in handy.   I am here to help you, whether you plan to breastfeed every time your baby wakes up, pump and bottle feed, and /or use supplemental feeding, co-sleep in the same bed, or put your baby down in the nursery. I am fully available to provide assistance in making night time wakings go smoothly for you.

Night time doula support can be especially important for those who are at a higher risk for postpartum depression, for families with multiples, or with a special needs baby.  

Nights are scheduled for an 8 or 10 hour shift, and contracts run from one week to a few months, depending on the needs of your family.  Rates vary between $35 - $50 per hour depending on location and number of babies.